Design of Infrastructure

Provision of traffic infrastructure is a decisive part of the economic growth, whereas its planning requires know-how and experience. Diebel Consult concentrates on design of traffic infrastructure. 

This contains: 

  • New line and line upgrading 

  • Commuter and underground lines 

  • Tram lines and city rails  

  • Industrial tracks 

  • Stations of passenger traffic 

  • Stations of intermodal traffic  

  • Marshalling yards

Services cover design of traffic infrastructure including alignment, superstructure, cabling works. 

Coordination of cabling

One of the most important duties of Diebel Consult is evaluation of coordinated cabling plans and design of cabling works. For coordination of cabling Diebel Consult uses a special software which has been developed by himself. 

Coordination of cabling can be done throughout either preliminary or detailed design.